Welcome to the Palm Craft Wiki! Palm Craft is a great MCPE server, with freebuild, roleplay, PvP, mini games, survival, parkour, and so much more! We insist you check it out sometime!

The server is owned by _Yowuzupdudez_, known as SpringThing14 on the wikia network. The wiki itself was created by Imagineer, known as Imagineer88 on the wikia network. We have several regular players so far, and you could be one, too!

PalmCraft SwordsBanner

Check it out - we've got all the stuff you need to have some pixellated blocky multiplayer fun. We have a village. Live in it- there's plenty of homes! We have an upcoming big city. Gawk at it. We have PalmSquare - shop shop shop. But above all, is the new and upcoming spawn! Over 1000+ blocks wide, this spawn will be the hub of all PalmCraft activities! Featuring a Cafe, a Supermart, Sitting Area and an all-new welcoming center, it's a masterpiece - made from blocks. So come online. All new users will receive a gift basket* and a tour of the server upon request*!

Later on, this wiki will allow you to apply for a rank! You can get them in all your favorite colors, you know! Please report griefers here. Also, make sure you read the rules! Thanks!

IP/Address: Port: 38478 Edit

Have fun!

**when staff are online.

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